School Info

School Hours

Take In Time: 7:30 AM (car-line area)

Dismissal Time: 3:00 PM 

 Telephone Line: 
                Fax Line: 205-379-4571
                  Twitter:  @lipscomb_el


Mrs  Reta  L  Hayes
205-379-4550 ext. 110402

Grade Levels
We are a K through 5 Title I school of Jefferson County with about 225 to 250 kids.
We have PreK students that attend the Brighton/Lipscomb PreK progam at Brighton Middle and we also have a few that attend the in-house HeadStart Program at LES.

After School Care


Additional Notes

Please parents in the morning drop your children off at the carpool line NOT at the front door. If the carpool supervisor is not present in the morning that means your child is late so you must come around to the front and come into the office and sign your child in.